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"Sixteen voices, one language" is an art exhibition curated by Adriana Cisneros, that includes the work of sixteen talented and skillful Artists. Throughout their creative work, these artists share dreams, experiences, feelings, and ideas with the help of art as their language. They all have developed a unique voice that has been shaped by their values and cultural influences; their art is the bridge that brings together different ideas across time and space. Regardless the fact that every one of them has an individual way to express their concepts, and come from different backgrounds, they are all connected by their desire to create and by the universal language that art provides.

Art possesses the ability to speak to all people no matter what language they voice. Art is not held victim to barriers like hate, stereotypes, race or age. This art Exhibition is a celebration of multicultural understanding, and creative ideas in hopes of inspiring and promoting innovation, as artists and as entrepreneurs.


Nature Series

Memories acquired from my native island of Puerto Rico and her culture inspires my artwork. This is paired with my passion for European architecture, lifestyle and food markets.

Abstract Series

My artistic expression is in constant dialog with the art of my contemporaries. Their techniques, medium choices and compositions inspire the art I make.

Giselle Diaz

Born in Puerto Rico where her strong roots and cultural background was later touched by American and European influences. Her passion for the arts has been an integral part of her creations. An exemplary model of perseverance and in touch with her community In San Antonio and abroad. Giselle is a true artist with a heart of gold.

Artist's paintbrush - Sharpen your skills...

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up"
-Pablo Picasso

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